Назначен новый руководитель Таможни


Кабинет министров на внеочередном заседании уволил Андрея Павловского с должности и.о. председателя Государственной таможенной службы.

Источник: сообщения на сайте Кабинета министров.

Дословно: «Правительство признало утратившим силу распоряжение о временном исполнении обязанностей председателя Государственной таможенной службы Украины Андреем Павловским и принял распоряжение об освобождении Андрея Павловского с должности заместителя Председателя Государственной таможенной службы Украины».

Детали: В то же время, временно исполнение обязанностей председателя ГТС возложено на заместителя председателя Гостаможслужбы по вопросам цифрового развития, цифровых трансформаций и цифровизации Евгения Ентиса.


  1. לבילוי עם נערות ליווי יש הרבה מאוד יתרונות, מה שהופך אותו לטרנד הבילוי החדש של הגברים בישראל. זהו בילוי אשר יכול להתאים לגברים אשר סובלים מחוסר ניסיון עם נשים. אל תזלזלו בחוסר ניסיון, זה יכול לפגוע בביטחון העצמי ולהקשות על גברים ליצור קשר עם בנות המין השני. אך לא רק גברים חסרי ניסיון, גם גברים אשר רוצים איזה בילוי ספונטני מעכשיו לעכשיו יכולים ליהנות מבילוי עם נערת ליווי. יתרון נוסף של הנערות הוא שהן מספקות מפלט חם ומרגיע עבור גברים נשואים שלא מקבלים בבית את מה שהם צריכים. כאשר הנישואין הופכים להיות מערכת של חובות ולחצים צריך לצאת ולהשתחרר קצת.
    נערות ליווי בתל אביב

  2. How Does Eating Fresh Raw Foods Change Your Digestion Problems

    The liver is our principle detoxifying organ helping rid the body of varied chemicals, toxins, medications, etc. It is also in charge of creating bile essential for proper fat digestion, storing and releasing blood glucose levels, creating cholesterol, among a number of other vital digestive and body functions.

    The main symbol of deficiency of the pancreatic digestive enzymes is indigestion.


    Sure, our pancreases can produce the mandatory enzymes to change that which you have destroyed by cooking. But they have got better activities than to babysit our poor eating routine by producing enzymes to assistance with digestion.

    The intent behind enzymes or microorganism in biodegradation is always to break the merchandise into smallest particles possible. This would be to make the non organic product nature friendly just like all organic materials or products. The main process sees to it that merchandise is categorised over the group of those enzymes or microorganism.

    With a massive response to probiotic advertising campaigns, people are in need of education on which probiotics are, the symbiotic relationship they have got with all the gut and just how many probiotic strains are enough (or excessive). Here are some basics that will help you go with a probiotic product perfect for you.

    Types of Digestive Enzymes
    Are Enzymes Made of Proteins
    Enzyme Substrate Complex Lock and Key
    Digestive Enzymes and Their Functions Table
    Examples of Enzymes in Food

  3. Cheap Healthy Meals: How Do Enzymes Work? In this article I will answer and expound on the question, ‘what are enzymes’ in simple terms, and I go into how they relate to the raw food diet. Enzymes are vital for health insurance and well-being, yet a lot of people have a diet which is «enzyme poor». The functions of proteins are extremely different and essential that virtually every function of every living organism is dependent upon proteins. Source: https://getpocket.com/@amylase4 There so many exciting discoveries and data that will help in our search for health that most folks may benefit just by researching and achieving our personal advocates on the path to a healthy body. The purpose of enzymes or microorganism in biodegradation is to break the merchandise into smallest particles possible. This is to make the non organic product nature friendly exactly like all organic materials or products. The main process sees into it that goods are categorised over the family interaction of such enzymes or microorganism. Proteins are employed in facilitating chemical processes, structural support, transport, communication, movement, and defense against harmful substances. Tags: Importance of Enzymes in Biology Are Enzymes Chemical Catalysts Types of Enzymes Where Are Enzymes Made in the Cell Enzyme Substrate Complex Lock and Key

  4. Total Nutrition-Lactose Intolerance

    If you’re an American you’re probably raised believing that cows milk would have been a miracle fluid. Remember the need to bring "milk money" to grade school. "Milk Does a Body Good?" right? Or think about the commercials where some puny nerd covers how he’s drinking milk and something day he was going to develop to basically be Scott Baio? Of course milk can also be great for famous people too. Dozens of them have been featured donning milky mustaches inside the "Got Milk?" ad campaign. Here are some of my favorite features:

    These symptoms are often seen within 30 minutes to two hours after enjoying dairy products. If you think you may be lactose intolerant try over-the-counter remedies like Lactaid or another lactase supplements to ease your discomfort. Eliminate foods containing lactose from a diet such as cheese, milk, frozen treats, pizza etc.

    • Eat lesser meals at more recurrent intervals, like five small meals (which may be as huge as your fist) every three to four hours, instead of the customary three big meals every day.

    Here will be the three treatment plans for treating lactose intolerance:

    Secondary lactose intolerance takes place when there can be a loss of the creation of lactase by the small intestine because of an injury or surgical procedure. This type may also develop on account of an intestinal disease for example Crohn’s disease, IBD or inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, or gastroenteritis.

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